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Doc Rivers gives Clippers an offensive edge in 2013-14

Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers is bringing more to his new players than a convenient narrative about learning how to win -- he's got substance when it comes to building a new offense.

Ethan Miller

Let's compare the old Clippers offense under Vinny Del Negro to the new turbo-charged version Doc Rivers is running. Spacing and movement is already much better this year, and the Clippers are attacking from the high post with clever action on both the strong side and the weak side.

All of this serves to make it easier for Chris Paul to work his brilliance in the half court. While the Clippers might not win as many games in the regular season due to working in a new coach and two new starters, they are assuredly better built to win in the playoffs and make a deep run.

Given Paul's undeniable talent, there are a number of ways to ease stress on him by getting other players engaged. In other words, with players being more efficient without the ball, it forces the defense to stay honest. That translates into better looks for everyone, especially the best players on the floor.