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Jason Collins in 'best shape of his life'

Jason Collins has been hard at work during the offseason, according to his twin brother.

Bruce Bennett

Jason Collins became the first active openly gay athlete in North America's four major sports in April but remains a free agent. Jarron Collins, Jason's twin brother, spoke to media during the NCAA's West Coast Conference tip-off luncheon and stated that Jason is in the "best shape of his life," reports Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo Sports:

"I know it's a cliche to say he's in the best shape of his life, but I really think Jason is," former NBA center Jarron Collins said while working at the West Coast Conference's Tip-Off Luncheon. "He's at five percent body fat. He's as strong as he has ever been. He continues to train and work out. If the opportunity presents itself, he'll be ready to go."

Jason Collins played a total of 38 games last season before his contract expired. He has been linked to the Detroit Pistons and Brooklyn Nets since his announcement, but remains unsigned. Collins, 34, is a 7-footer with 12 years of NBA experience, but is considered a minor role player at this stage in his career.

During his three-season stint with the Atlanta Hawks starting in 2009, he had been referred to as the "Dwight Howard Stopper," using his size to frustrate the superstar center. Collins hasn't averaged more than two points and rebounds per game since the 2009-2010 season and played just 10.1 minutes per game last season.

Jarron said his brother is "optimistic" the reason he remains a free agent is based on his age and production, not his sexual orientation.

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