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Randy Wittman on Otto Porter: 'I don’t know who he is and have not had a chance to coach him yet'

Washington Wizards head coach Randy Wittman has not been able to work with the third overall pick throughout preseason and training camp.


Washington Wizards head coach Randy Wittman made an appearance on 106.7 The Fan's "The Sports Junkies" on Tuesday morning and discussed the status of rookie forward Otto Porter. Porter, who hasn't practiced with his new team since summer league, has been sidelined with a right hip flexor and got an MRI on Monday.

Asked what Porter can do while he is hurt to keep up with his conditioning, Wittman sounded a bit exasperated.

"We began to get him on the floor a little bit to do some standstill shooting and he had a little setback there," Wittman said. "What can he do? I wish I had the solution for you. It's just a matter of letting your body heal."

The comments from the coach do not do anything to keep Wizards fans calm about the No. 3 overall pick. As anxious as they are to see Porter play and contribute, it seems Wittman would just like to have an opportunity to get the 20-year-old up to speed with his teammates:

"I don't know who he is and have not had a chance to coach him yet," head coach Randy Wittman told the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan on Tuesday. "He's not been able to step on the floor one day yet."

"When do you expect him back?" he was asked.

"Well I'd like to know that too," Wittman said. "If you guys have any inside information on that, let me know."

"Is it something that's more serious than you guys originally thought?" he was asked.

"No, I don't think so," Wittman said. "I mean it's a lingering thing, a hip flexor thing is, you know, it's just something, it takes time. He's frustrated with it. We just gotta be patient and let this thing heal so it's not a thing that lingers throughout the season. It's disappointing, but I know he's disappointed so we just have to be patient with that, and hopefully hear soon and we can get him out on the floor."

Porter didn't shine in summer league, but the hope in Washington is that he will look better in a different setting, one where he is surrounded by more skilled players and he can fill in the gaps. We won't know anything until we actually see him on the court, though. Here's hoping there is better on that front soon.

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