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How Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes won in Space Jam

Michael Jordan's six NBA championships with the Bulls have been well chronicled, but how he led the Looney Tunes to victory over the Monstars is often overlooked. Until now.

Michael Jordan's career accolades are well known, but his victory over a Monstars squad featuring the stolen talents of Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues and Shawn Bradley isn't often brought up along with them. He led a team featuring the Tasmanian Devil at center, Daffy Duck at power forward, Lola Bunny at small forward and Bugs Bunny at point guard to a fate-clinching victory. Not ideal, to say the least.

Jordan and the Looney Tunes were down at halftime but turned it around after Bugs shared a water bottle filled with "Michael's secret stuff," which served as a turning point for the team. What was in that secret stuff? Could it have been PEDs? What would David Stern have to say about that?

The game concludes with Jordan making the game-winning layup from half court while two giants pulled him back to the ground. Talk about clutch and wingspan.