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NBA expansion could be on horizon, says Mark Cuban

The last expansion team in the NBA was the Charlotte Bobcats in 2004, but the Mavericks' owner thinks another expansion may be coming

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban has never been shy to voice his opinion on a myriad of matters. On Saturday he told the Dallas Morning News that there's a "good chance" that the NBA could expand to 31 or 32 teams.

But, according to Cuban, it all depends on the fees the cities/owners are willing to pay to join the league.

"I just think the price of the expansion fee has to be so high that the NBA owners think, ‘OK, we’re crazy not to do it,’ " Cuban said. "What that number is, I don’t know. But I’m open to it. It just depends on the price. If it’s the price of the last one, no. I thought that was a huge mistake and I voted against it. It just depends on the price."

In 2004, the expansion fee of the Charlotte Bobcats was $300 million, per USA Today.

Cuban told the Dallas Morning News that each NBA owner gives a price and calculates their share. He said they balance how much money they're giving up in TV and shared revenue and ask if it's worth it.

He said that he firmly believes that there will be another expansion before the league relocates a current team.

Seattle looks like the most obvious choice here. The Kings nearly relocated to Seattle this summer, and the city has been dying for an NBA teams since the Oklahoma City Thunder left in 2008.

Seattle would probably be willing to pay any fee to bring back NBA basketball to the city.

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