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Danilo Gallinari injury: Nuggets forward has 'no idea' when he'll return to court

The 25-year-old still can't dunk and isn't doing much running on the court as he recovers from a knee injury.


Denver Nuggets forward Danilo Gallinari says he has "no idea" when he'll return to the court as he continues to recover from a partially torn ACL in his left knee, according to Pat Graham of the Associated Press.

Gallinari suffered the injury in early April, and it was initially diagnosed as a torn ACL and torn meniscus. The 25-year-old underwent surgery to repair the meniscus later in the month, but waited to fix the ACL.

In mid-June, Gallinari went under the knife again, only for the surgery to reveal that he only had a partially torn ACL. The forward underwent a special "healing response" treatment, and he said at the time he expected the recovery time to be much different than a normal ACL injury.

As recent as late September, Gallinari said he thought he could possibly be back on the court in November. But when speaking at a grade school gym on Tuesday, the Italian said he couldn't even dunk yet. And he told Graham that while he has done some work on the court, he really hasn't been able to do much running.

That certainly doesn't sound like a player ready to make a return anytime soon, which isn't good news for a Nuggets team that has scuffled out of the gate after a tumultuous offseason. Denver is just 2-4, and the high-powered offense of years past is nowhere to be found.

Gallinari was second on the team in scoring last season, so his offense is much-needed. New Nuggets coach Brian Shaw has said the team will try and "hold down the fort" until Gallinari returns, but the fort has been crumbling a bit, with injuries to Wilson Chandler and JaVale McGee not helping matters.

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