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'Court Call' episode 2: Discussing a few game-changing plays from Week 2

Presenting the second episode of 'Court Call,' where former NBA Director of Officials Ronnie Nunn talks with Coach Nick about some of the most difficult officiating calls of the week. This week features a few game-changing moments.

Welcome to the second episode of the 'Court Call' series, featuring insight from former NBA Director of Officials Ronnie Nunn dissecting the toughest calls of the week. We discuss the technical foul called against Lance Stephenson for taunting, and another play that could have ended with a second technical against him.

How about at the clock management from the officials during the final 3.6 seconds of the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat game that resulted in Jeff Green draining a game-winning three? Ronnie Nunn details how the Celtics wound up with .6 seconds left at the end of the game for a final possession.

We also look at a "controversial" no-call on a fourth quarter steal from Chris Paul against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Should that have been a foul? We have the answer for you and also discuss why Corey Brewer shouldn't have exposed the ball in the first place.

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