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Omer Asik expected to return to Rockets lineup Tuesday

The Rockets big man has received two straight DNPs after requesting a trade.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Omer Asik is expected to return to the Houston Rockets' lineup Tuesday against the Boston Celtics after sitting out the last two games, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle.

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Asik has expressed frustration with his diminished role on the team, and he has requested a trade on multiple occasions since the acquisition of Dwight Howard in July. Feigen reports Asik told Rockets coach Kevin McHale before the game Thursday against the New York Knicks that he wasn't ready to play, leading to a DNP.

Asik sat out again when the Rockets faced the Denver Nuggets on Saturday, and the big man didn't sit on the bench with his teammates.

Despite Asik's requests, the Rockets seem to have no interest in trading him. McHale, general manager Daryl Morey and several players have spoken with Asik in recent days to try and smooth out the situation, and it appears to have worked for the time being.

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