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Mikhail Prokhorov says luxury tax wasn't concern during offseason

The Nets' outspoken owner doesn't exactly care about luxury tax bills.

Mike Stobe

Asked during an in-game interview Friday whether he ever considered the luxury tax implications of his team's trade for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov laughed while responding, "Heck no."

During Brooklyn's game against the Heat, Prokhorov sat down briefly to speak with YES Network's Sarah Kustok, and Nets Daily has the transcript. Whenever we get the chance to hear from the Nets' outspoken Russian owner, it's usually worth tuning in. This was no different.

When Kustok asked why winning a championship is so important to him, the man who produced a video of himself doing jet ski stunts responded, "Then what I am doing here? So, because I don't go halfway on anything. I'll go to the end. I'll go all the way."

To put the cherry on top, we got a Lenin reference when he explained his five-year timetable for winning a title: "You know, it was based on the Five Year Plan of Vladimir Lenin. But, it didn't work good in the Soviet economy, and I hope it will work much better here."

Summing things up: Prokhorov has been inspired by Vladimir Lenin to win an NBA championship within five years no matter the cost. You can check out the full transcript over at Nets Daily for all of his delightful Russian goodness. Welcome to Nets basketball in 2013-14.

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