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'Court Call' episode 3: Should Carmelo Anthony's three have counted against Rockets?

Former NBA Director of Officials Ronnie Nunn talks goes over five tough calls from Week 3, including Carmelo Anthony's three that didn't count against Rockets.

The third episode of "Court Call" breaks down five calls through Week 3. The highlight of the episode discusses the waved-off three-point shot from Carmelo Anthony in the final five seconds of the New York Knicks vs. Houston Rockets game from last Thursday. Here's the shot that the referees didn't count:


Should that have counted? Ronnie Nunn explains what happened in this critical play and if the referees made the right decision.

Also discussed in this episode: Timofey Mozgov trying to use "verticality" similar to Roy Hibbert but still being called for a personal foul, should some extensive pivoting been called a travel against Luis Scola, whether Rudy Gay was out of bounds in a big possession in overtime when the Toronto Raptors hosted the Portland Trail Blazers, and the ejection of Serge Ibaka during his altercation with Los Angeles Clippers' forward Matt Barnes.

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