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Drive & Kick, Episode 2: The Philadelphia story

The 76ers aren't terrible. What's up with that? Paul Flannery talks to CSN Philly's John Gonzalez about the Sixers, Sam Hinkie's plan, what went wrong with Doug Collins and failed congressional runs.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This week, we're talking about the Philadelphia 76ers with CSN Philly's John Gonzalez, a fine wordsmith and failed politician. Among the topics we discussed:

1. Philly's reaction to the Sixers' not-so-awful start.

2. Sam Hinkie's relationship with the city and the press.

3. Whether Evan Turner has played himself into the team's future.

4. What went wrong with Doug Collins' tenure?

5. Philadelphia is a great basketball city, so why hasn't it always embraced the NBA?

6. We finish up with some quality Transformers talk and why pub trivia is a sham.

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