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NBA adds video replay to box scores

The NBA continues to be ahead of the curve when it comes to media.

Alex Trautwig

Over the past year, the NBA has made huge strides in how the league is consumed online. The stats page that debuted in February is a massive index of numbers, while the recently released SportsVU tracking data also will add to the analytics conversation. The league has taken another step in making their statistics archive more user friendly, adding video for every play to box scores.

The system will be quite simple. Go to a box score and click on a stat, and every single play involving that stat will be available for viewing. Not only will videos from this year going forward be available, but so will ones from last season. It will take about 45 minutes after each game for videos to be ready in the box score.

The NBA began working to add video to its database this offseason, according to Ira Boudway of Bloomberg Businessweek. For now, the replays will only be available on desktop, but the league is working to add mobile capabilities.

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