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Court Call: Is Roy Hibbert getting preferential treatment?

In this segment of Court Call, Coach Nick and 19-year NBA official Ronnie Nunn explore five fan questions, including whether or not Roy Hibbert is getting calls based on his reputation as a defensive stopper.

Indiana Pacers big man Roy Hibbert has a reputation of being an all-world defender and rim protector for good reason.

His defense against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals in 2013 highlighted his ability to change the game.

In the latest segment of Court Call, Coach Nick and 19-year veteran NBA official Ronnie Nunn discuss whether or not Hibbert's getting calls based on his perceived defensive prowess. They also address several other NBA fans' questions on officiating.

Coach Nick and former 19 year NBA Referee Ronnie Nunn go over five calls suggested by you, the fans:

1. Did Blake Griffin travel when Jason Thompson pulled the chair on him?

2. Did Andre Miller commit a free throw violation on his offensive rebound of Wilson Chandler's miss?

3. Did Amir Johnson deserve his technical foul for hanging on the rim?

4. Did Shawne Williams properly box out Andre Drummond?

5. Does Roy Hibbert get away with Fouling?

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