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Jason Kidd fined $50,000 for spilled drink

The Nets coach was assessed the penalty after intentionally spilling his drink when the team had no timeouts remaining.

The NBA fined Nets coach Jason Kidd $50,000 for spilling his drink on the court at Barclays Center Wednesday, Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski first reported Thursday. The first-year coach appeared to say the words "hit me" moments before Nets guard Tyshawn Taylor bumped into him to send the drink flying during the waning seconds of Brooklyn's game against the Lakers.

Brooklyn had no timeouts remaining and trailed by one with eight seconds remaining, so the Nets used the break in the action to draw up a quick play before the game continued. (Of course, with no rules preventing them, the Lakers took a peek.)

Asked about it during his postgame press conference, Kidd told the media, via Nets Daily"Cup slipped out of my hand as I was getting (Tyshawn) substituted. Sweaty palms, I was never good with the ball."

Taylor played coy, too, saying: "I was coming out and he was in my way. I was like, 'Coach, get outta my way, bro!'"

Los Angeles won, 99-94.

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