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'Back to the Call': Former official Ronnie Nunn on this week's borderline calls

Presenting the first episode of 'Back to the Call,' where former NBA Director of Officials Ronnie Nunn talks with Coach Nick about some of the most difficult officiating calls of the week.

Welcome to the first Episode of "Back to the Call," where we look at strange, out of the ordinary, or even bad calls by the referees in the NBA. Former NBA Director of Officials Ronnie Nunn gives you his expert opinion on what the referees are seeing and thinking.

We spotlight the new delay of game rule, illegal out of bounds positioning, a crucial backcourt violation and different versions of offensive foul calls.

Diving into the fundamentals of refereeing is something you rarely see anywhere, and this show will shine a light into this field. The next time you see a call you don't like, you'll have a better understanding of why it was made.

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