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Andre Drummond has 31 points, 19 rebounds and 6 steals in Pistons win

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The second-year center put it to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of things went right for the Detroit Pistons in a 115-100 rout of the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday, but it's hard to overlook the performance put on by center Andre Drummond. The second-year pro and Detroit's first-round pick in the 2012 draft tallied career highs of 31 points, 19 rebounds and six steals.

It didn't help that the Sixers didn't seem willing to play a lick of defense on the big man. Drummond, who is averaging 12 points, 11.8 rebounds and 1.2 blocks per game this year, went 12-for-15 from the floor. This is what his shot chart looked like.


And this is how he made one of those shots close to the rim.


Drummond played 33 minutes in the victory Sunday but was pulled late in the fourth quarter a rebound away from joining somewhat rare company.

Last season, six NBA players recorded games of 30 or more points and 20 or more rebounds. So far in 2013-14, Portland Trail Blazers forward LaMarcus Aldridge and Orlando Magic center Nikola Vucevic have recorded games of 30 points and 21 rebounds.

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