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Enes Kanter hits camera man with errant pass, gives him a concussion

The camera man who was hit in the head by a wayward Kanter pass has a concussion.

Life as an NBA camera man is more dangerous than one might think. There's the reality that, while sitting on the baseline, a tall, wide man can trample you at any moment. There's also the possibility that an errant pass can ding you upside the head.

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Early in the second half between the Portland Trail Blazers and Itah Jazz, Utah center Enes Kanter received a pass at the left elbow and sized up a developing series of baseline screens. Richard Jefferson cut to the left post and put his hand up calling for the ball. Kanter flung a wayward pass about four-feet out of Jefferson's reach and pinged the camera man smack dab in the forehead.

Brian Bunton, the camera man, was looked at by a trainer and then valiantly returned to his post under the basket.

It wasn't until Tuesday that the extent of Bunton's injuries were known. (h/t Ball Don't Lie):


Utah's loss to Portland was just another slap upside its own head in the midst of a floundering start out of the proverbial NBA starting gates. The Jazz have lost 19 games in the first month and a half of basketball, by far the most in the league.

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