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LeBron James: 'There's no real rivalry in the NBA these days'

The Miami superstar told reporters before the Heat-Pacers game Tuesday night that there are no more rivalries in the NBA.


LeBron James was asked about rivalries by reporters before the Miami Heat's matchup with the Indiana PacersHis answer? "There's no real rivalry in the NBA these days."

The Heat and Pacers went through a grueling, seven-game series in last year's Eastern Conference Finals, so some may wonder if James isn't downplaying his assessment of rivalries. Lance Stephenson had different words about Tuesday's game:

James, on the other hand, had a different opponent in mind:

James' last game with the Cleveland Cavaliers was Game 6 of the first round of the 2010 NBA Playoffs against the Boston Celtics. James and the Celtics met again in the 2011 conference semifinals when the Heat beat Boston in five games. A year later, the Heat again beat Boston, but that time it took seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals.

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