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NBA trade rumor season kicks off with blogger predictions

SB Nation's network of team blogs worked together to discuss trade situations across the league.

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NBA trade season is in the air. Dec. 15 has come and gone, lifting the majority of restrictions from players being traded who were signed as free agents this summer, and it's only a matter of time before a big trade happens. Oh, wait, Masai Ujiri already made that happen, didn't he?

Houston Rockets center Omer Asik is bound to be in a new uniform any day now, the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets have been in a race to see who can land Kyle Lowry first and who knows what other out-of-nowhere trade goodness could pop up between now and February.

Therefore, our team communities were put to the task of discussing where their teams stand in the trade market. Because who doesn't love a good trade discussion?

You can find all of our capsules in one place here, as well as individually below:

The Dream Shake discusses the inevitability of Asik being traded this week, despite not knowing where the Rockets will send him, the team's potential need for a defensive wing and the low-key potential of the team trying to move Jeremy Lin this season as well.

Sactown Royalty already absorbed the shock of the Kings acquiring Rudy Gay out of nowhere and wonders if they have another card up their sleeve to upgrade the power forward position.

Indy Cornrows discusses Larry Bird's revelation that the Pacers have gone through every team, picked out trade targets and are open to tweaking the roster.

Denver Stiffs takes a look at five potential targets for the Nuggets: Asik, Greg Monroe, Evan Turner, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and an incredibly productive shooting guard who plays on a team in Florida: Arron Afflalo.

Fear the Sword looks at a few trade proposals that would send Anderson Varejao out of a Cav's uniform and into a Nuggets' powder blue jersey.

Welcome to Loud City says what everybody knows: Of course the Thunder want to get rid of Kendrick Perkins. They also think about bringing back Jeff Green from Boston.

Silver Screen and Roll knows the Lakers need to find a way to gain assets, whether it's through draft picks or players still on rookie contracts, but aren't sure how the team can do that with such limited offerings.

Peachtree Hoops explains why the Hawks have a handful of enticing players teams will make a call to pry away.

Bright Side of the Sun doesn't think there's any reason the Suns should fiddle with their roster as they grow together.

Clips Nation thinks the Clippers' only roster move will be finding a way to resurrect Lamar Odom's career.

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Nets Daily put together a trade that would send Zach Randolph to Brooklyn in return for ... Paul Pierce. Yep!

SLC Dunk suggests that we shouldn't expect any large shakeups. They also have a few low-profile trades the Jazz could make.

Mavs Moneyball takes a look at why Asik probably isn't a realistic target and the potential of the Mavericks making a run at Afflalo.

Rufus on Fire singles out the Bobcats' need for a perimeter threat if the team wants to make a playoffs push.

Hot Hot Hoops looks at Dion Waiters and Jordan Crawford as fixes the Heat could use, but doesn't suspect they have the assets to make a deal.

Celtics Blog has a three-team deal in place for Asik. Is it the one Daryl Morey reportedly has in mind?

Pounding the Rock calls the Spurs' questionable fourth big man as the biggest hole in the roster. Yeah, the Spurs are doing OK.

Orlando Pinstriped Post has a handful of trades to send Afflalo, Jameer Nelson and Glen Davis out of Orlando.

Blazer's Edge wants Portland to prepare for a serious run at an NBA title and thinks the team needs insurance behind Robin Lopez and Damian Lillard to take the next step.

Brew Hoop doesn't expect the Bucks to land Asik, but has a pair of interesting Ersan Ilyasova trades. Jeremy Lamb in a Bucks jersey, anyone?

Grizzly Bear Blues has a trade for Ilyasova that ships Zach Randolph up to Milwaukee, since we're talking about the Bucks' forward.

Golden State of Mind concedes that the Warriors have no assets to trade unless they're ready to undergo a serious makeover.

Canis Hoopus points out the Timberwolves need for frontcourt depth, but doesn't expect the team to be interested in anything besides expiring contracts for help.

Raptors HQ is ready for Masai Ujiri to continue reshaping the roster as he works for a long-term plan.

Detroit Bad Boys suggests the Pistons should actively shop Rodney Stuckey so they can cash in on his strong start.

Blog a Bull would be fine with the Bulls dealing Carlos Boozer, Mike Dunleavy and Kirk Hinrch if anyone wanted them.

Bullets Forever acknowledges that the Wizards already made their big deal to get Marcin Gortat, but wonders if anything can be done to fix their bench woes.

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