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Andre Iguodala injury: Warriors forward returns Tuesday

Iguodala has missed the last 26 days with a strained hamstring, but he will return Tuesday night against the Pelicans

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Iguodala has missed the Warriors' last 12 games with a strained hamstring, but is making his return Tuesday night against the New Orleans Pelicans, tthe team announced.

Iguodala has missed the last 12 games and the Warriors have gone just 5-7 in that span. At 13-12, Golden State is just one loss away from .500 and would miss the playoffs if the season ended today.

Iguodala, a former All-Star, is a key cog that makes this high-powered offense run. He plays as a secondary ball-handler and accounts for a majority of the team's playmaking duties.  He also is responsible for guarding the best wing player on opposing teams, as he is known as a stout, versatile defender.

Getting him back in that lineup is a huge step for the Warriors moving forward.

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