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Damian Lillard hits a game-winning three pointer to push Blazers over Cavaliers 119-116

Portland's star point guard took the lead with less than a second remaining on the clock to push the Blazers to 22-4 on the year.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Damian Lillard hit a game-winning three pointer over Cleveland's Alonso Gee with 0.4 seconds left to lift the Trail Blazers over the Cavaliers 119-116 Tuesday night.

Cleveland tied the game at 116-116 with seven seconds left after Kyrie Irving drove past Nic Batum and dumped off to Anderson Varejao for a dunk. Portland took a timeout and let Lillard go one-on-one to seal the game.

The win puts Portland at an NBA-best 22-4 while the Cavs slip to 9-15.


via @JDonSports