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Drive & Kick, Episode 5: The Spurs keep chugging along

The San Antonio Spurs are good again. Big surprise, right? We talked to Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio-Express News to find out what, if anything, is different about this year's team. Plus, Pop stories. Lots and lots of Pop stories.


This week, we catch up with Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News to talk about the Spurs, who are back in their customary perch atop the Western Conference. Among the topics we discussed:

  • Who is the most important player for the Spurs?
  • Is Manu Ginobili back? Like, really back?
  • Kawhi Leonard's season and expectations.
  • The Tim Duncan/Gregg Popovich relationship and who's really in charge.
  • Speaking of Pop ... Jeff shares his insights on covering Pop, about whom McDonald says, "One on one or in small groups, he can be like an actual human being."
  • More Popovich talk and the difference between Good Pop, Bad Pop and Indifferent Pop.
  • We delve into the Finals aftermath and the Game 6 story that was never published.

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