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Omer Asik trade rumor status: Celtics, Rockets reportedly haggling over draft pick

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Boston is reportedly not keen on parting ways with one of its two 2014 first-round picks.

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It's supposedly deadline day for anyone interested in acquiring the services of Rockets center Omer Asik, but so far there's not much news on that front in the morning hours on Thursday.

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Currently, the Celtics are viewed as the NBA's frontrunners to land the big man, according to the Boston Globe's Baxter Holmes and Gary Washburn. But talks have reportedly stalled a bit on which draft pick they are willing to send to Houston. The proposed deal would have Boston swapping Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee and a future first-round pick for Asik, but these are apparently only rumors at this point.

This from Holmes and Washburn's story in the Boston Globe:

Multiple league sources told the Globe Wednesday it was likely Morey was trying to stir interest in Asik than a deal was in the works. Another league source said that, in fact, a deal was not in the works.

However, late in the evening, yet another league source told the Globe a deal was "close" and the sides were haggling over the draft pick. Another league source said that Bass was not involved in a proposed deal.

According to the report, Boston would rather not give up one of its two picks in the upcoming and supposed-superstar draft of 2014. The team has nine first-rounders over the next five drafts and would reportedly be more willing to part with the 2015 pick they acquired from the Los Angeles Clippers in the Doc Rivers transaction.

And if you're looking for some non-news directly from the source itself, this from the Celtics' official twitter account didn't do much in the way of revealing any progress, if there is any at all:

So, this is where we are on the Asik front. The Celtics are reportedly the team the Rockets are dealing with, but there doesn't appear to be much progress made up to this point. Believe what you will, as GM's can be quite misleading at times. But as of this morning, there's nothing new to report, and we're apparently — on the outside looking in, at least — no closer to the completion of an Asik deal.

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