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Knicks react to Andrea Bargnani's gaffe

Bargnani's teammates were as perplexed by his last-second shot against Milwaukee as everyone else.

Jared Wickerham

This was the scene on the Knicks bench after Andrea Bargnani's shot at the end of the first OT against the Bucks, which could go down as one of the greatest regular season gaffes in recent memory.

Up two points with 14 seconds left, all Bargnani had to do was dribble out the clock. Instead, he bricked a three-pointer, giving Milwaukee one more chance to tie the game:


(Please note Metta World Peace's utter lack of reaction. I envision him humming a tune in his head as this was all happening ... before actually realizing what had just happened.)

"What is he doing?! What is he doing, folks?" Clyde Frazier pleaded on the Knicks broadcast. "Why would he shoot the ball? Why?"

We don't know, Walt! For real, though!

And if the broadcast was confused, just imagine Chandler's mindset after making what could have been a game-sealing play.

And the coach:

And the resident superstar:

Oh, that's right. The Knicks won. But it was all so much fun, regardless.

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