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Dante Exum will schedule visits with 5 NCAA schools

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Australian prospect Dante Exum hasn't completely closed the door on going to college.

Stefan Postles

Dante Exum's still going to embark on his college recruitment tour. The highly touted Australian guard plans to visit Indiana, North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan and Oregon before making his decision on his next basketball destination, via ESPN's Jeff Goodman:

Goodman added that most people around the NBA still believe Exum will declare for the 2014 draft, which has been the case for a while now. A report in early December indicated he was setting up meetings with agents to discuss the possibility of turning pro.

Exum is currently projected as a top-five pick on both DraftExpress and Even in a stacked draft class, the 6'6 combo guard prospect has league executives' attention. If he chose to go the college route and develop his game, it would be a mild shock akin to when Marcus Smart announced his decision to return to Oklahoma State for this season. It could be an opportunity for him to develop his point guard skills, though.

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