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Goofy kid, Nick Young and Pau Gasol all try to cheer up Mike D'Antoni

Ol' Grumpy Gus over here just wants to be miserable but this kid, Pau and Swaggy P won't let him.

Sure, maybe this kid's just looking at the Jumbotron and making goofy faces in reaction to something on screen.


Or maybe he's just trying to cheer up Mike D'Antoni who's in a seriously foul mood. And I get it. Sometimes you're in a really bad mood and you just don't want to be cheered up.

But how can you be in a bad mood when Nick Young and Pau Gasol are putting on a live-action performance from their upcoming buddy cop film's basketball scene?


Young and Gasol powered the Lakers to a fun win at home and you got a kid freaking out at the Jumbotron or trying to cheer you up. C'mon, Mike, turn that frown upside down!

Both GIFs via the terrific @cjzero