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Blake Griffin: Warriors played 'cowardly' basketball

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The Clippers star did not mince words following his ejection from their Christmas Day loss to Golden State.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It has become one of the most intriguing matchups in the league strictly from a basketball standpoint, but it becomes all that much more interesting to watch when bad blood boils over between the Clippers and Warriors as it did on Christmas.

After the 105-103 Warriors win on Wednesday, Blake Griffin had some things to say after being ejected from the game following a dustup between him and Golden State big man Andrew Bogut where Griffin was bounced and Bogut received just a flagrant-1. The game had been physical all night and continued to be so after Griffin was kicked out.

This from Arash Markazi at ESPN Los Angeles:

And Griffin wasn't the only one who questioned the Warriors' tactics. Doc Rivers was none too happy, either, as he told reporters after the game.

It didn't appear that the Warriors were doing anything dirty or malicious out there, and this has become a heated matchup, whether you want to call it a rivalry or not. It certainly makes for some pretty good late-night television.

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