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NBA trade rumors: Knicks will try to pry Rajon Rondo from Celtics

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The New York Knicks will try to convince Rajon Rondo to force his way out of Boston.

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The New York Knicks know they need to make some dramatic changes, and the first move on their list is attempting to earn the attention of Rajon RondoSources told ESPN's Brian Windhorst that the Knicks are hoping the Boston Celtics point guard forces a trade to New York just as Carmelo Anthony shoved his way out of Denver.

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Apparently, the Knicks hope that Rondo pushes for a trade before he becomes a free agent in the summer of 2015, and they're banking on the Celtics worrying the point guard could leave in free agency, which would leave Boston with nothing in return. And of course, the Knicks couldn't wish for a deal until Rondo returns from an ACL tear that's kept him out since last season.

It seems like an overly-hopeful position to take considering the Knicks expect so much from a situation they can hardly control, but the franchise did have the same situation happen with Anthony. After making it obvious he wanted to reset his career elsewhere, Anthony was traded to the Knicks and the Nuggets got a very appropriate return in for their star forward.

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So what's the backup option for New York if a Rondo trade doesn't culminate? Windhorst reports that the Knicks expect to land a big-name free agent or two in the summer of 2015. The free agent class that summer includes LaMarcus Aldridge, Roy Hibbert, Kevin Love, Marc Gasol, Tony Parker and Rondo.

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