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James Dolan tells Knicks players no trades or coaching changes on horizon

The owner of the New York Knicks told his team that no changes are forthcoming.

Chris Trotman

New York Knicks owner James Dolan told his players Thursday there would be no trades this season and no risk of coach Mike Woodson losing his job, reports ESPN's Marc Stein. The idea, according to Stein's sources, was to promote cohesion within the locker room as Woodson continues to push his team toward winning the Atlantic Division.

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Dolan met with the team following a 29-point loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Christmas Day, and his goal was to quell any fractures in belief. After all, there's still a very reasonable chance for the Knicks to turn around their season.

Despite a 9-19 record coming out of the Christmas break, New York is only three games behind the division-leading Toronto Raptors.

Dolan's edict is easy to believe.

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New York is in a tight financial situation with no draft picks in the near future and few of the young players they'd need to make a big move during the season via trade. That said, Dolan's stance could also hamper the Knicks' ability to do any tinkering. It's tough to believe that New York would not discuss trade options with other teams, and if by some chance -- unlikely as it may be -- an enticing offer comes across the table, Dolan would now have to go against his word.

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