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Raptors reportedly considering black-and-gold color scheme

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Toronto's team might be donning black-and-gold uniforms in 2015-2016.


The Toronto Raptors are reportedly considering replacing their red-and-white color scheme with a black-and-gold one as a part of their re-branding, via Doug Smith of the Toronto Star:

Now, I'm not suggesting it's a done deal and a lot of different people and companies are coming up with a lot of different looks and styles but I was told on the weekend that black and gold is definitely something being considered.

The Raptors announced the plan to re-brand the franchise at the end of September at a press conference. They also announced that the 2016 All-Star Game will be held in Toronto and Drake would serve as the team's global ambassador. Drake was said to be heavily involved in their rebranding efforts, and black and gold is the color scheme of Drake's OVO record label. The franchise considered renaming the team, but decided that they would simply change the color scheme, logos and uniforms.

The changes won't take place until 2015-2016, and they will coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Raptors' inaugural season.

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