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George Karl says Carmelo Anthony 'doesn't produce championships'

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The former head coach of Carmelo Anthony questioned the New York Knicks forward's desire to help a team win titles.

Currently, Carmelo Anthony finds his Knicks team at a lowest point since he arrived and the criticism keeps coming. Anthony's former coach with the Denver Nuggets, George Karl, said that New York's best player isn't about winning championships, Karl's ESPN colleague Jay Williams tweeted.

Karl, of course, coached Anthony for nearly six years in Denver, so he's got a good grasp of 'Melo's personality. But where is the blame to be placed?

The Nuggets only out of the first round of the playoffs once when Anthony and Karl were together, and Karl didn't have much postseason success after Anthony's time in Denver, either. The Nuggets winning 57 regular season games last season wasn't enough for Karl to keep his job.

Anthony's best individual season in 2012-13 led to MVP talk swirling around Madison Square Garden. Anthony helped the Knicks finally get out of the first round last year and lost to the Indiana Pacers in the second. That came after a big summer with Team USA. Maybe Anthony is a new, more selfless player these days.

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Maybe Karl is kicking Anthony when he's down, or maybe he knows something we don't.

Anthony, however, can point out that he did have a pretty significant part of producing a championship. He won an NCAA title in his single season at Syracuse.

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