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The Great Knicks-Nets Crap-Off Rap-Off diss track

If you're looking for a bad rap song to commemorate a bad basketball game between the Knicks and Nets, look no further

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

To celebrate the magnificent nationally televised battle between the 3-13 New York Knicks and the 5-13 Brooklyn Nets tonight, I threw together a short terrible rap about how they both suck. The lyrics are below.

Wassup to Brooklyn: all the scenesters and pretentious cuisiners
the over-caffeiners, oh and all the Nets with broken femurs

I'm meaner, obscener than Prospect Park's latrine cleaners' demeanors
Check the stats, are we sure Kevin and Jason don't have broken fingers?

Half your team's out of action in traction
And Jason's firing Frank as a welcome distraction

And you're ugly and you stink worse than the Gowanus
Might as well start Tornike, cuz regardless you're goners

Even if you're doing your job right, Dolan will have you laid off
I'm not sure there's any difference between him and Bernie Madoff

Both shittin ya and taking ya cash oh with such ease
Puttin holes in your bank account like it's swiss cheese

Now Bernie's convicted just staring at his own navel in prison
While Dolan gets lip service on his own Cablevision

This team's going to make for one hell of a blues song, there's no way it may not
But if James Dolan stops the dancers, fans will want JD straight shot

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