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Why Kevin Garnett needs Beats by Dre headphones

KG was jeered by his home fans and mocked by Andrea Bargnani. No wonder he wants noise-canceling headphones.

Maddie Meyer

You might have noticed that Kevin Garnett is now the face of Beats by Dre headphones -- you know, the face of Beats by Dre headphones besides Dr. Dre:

HEAR WHAT YOU WANT. But why would Kevin Garnett need to shield his ears from bad things?

For starters: Brooklyn fans appear to have noticed that Garnett has taken 135 shots this year and scored 104 points. (Or, this was the crowd at Barclays being much more pro-Knicks than pro-Nets, which is probably more likely.

So, yeah: home fans trashing your game is something you wouldn't want to hear.

But also, Garnett spent the whole night scrapping with noted instigator/tough guy Andrea Bargnani. It started early, when Bargnani schooled Garnett off the dribble:


In the second half, as Bargnani and the Knicks built their lead to 20 and 30 points, the two continued to scuffle, getting caught up when Bargnani tripped leading to double technicals. A few minutes later, Bargnani would drill a three over Garnett, and this happened:


Whatever he said, it was enough for Joey Crawford to issue a second technical to Bargs and boot him from the game.

What exactly was it that he said?

It's clear that Garnett's virgin ears need protection, and wee should thank Beats for accommodating him in his time of need.