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Otto Porter Jr. could debut for Wizards on Friday

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The Wizards' top rookie could finally take the court Friday against Milwaukee.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Wizards forward Otto Porter could make his NBA debut Friday night against the Milwaukee Bucks as the team prepares to make a game-time decision on his status. Speaking with reporters after Friday's shootaround at Verizon Center, Porter said he feels "fine," but he's still unsure of whether he'll play.

For Porter and the Wizards, even this feels like a major step in the right direction. After being selected No. 3 overall out of nearby Georgetown in the 2013 draft, Porter has spent most of his time with the team recovering from hip issues that cropped up during the summer.

Meanwhile, the Wizards have been strangely quiet on the rookie's status for most of this season, initially labeling him out "indefinitely" without specifying a timetable for his return. He underwent an MRI in late October, but even that did little to clear up when exactly Porter would be debuting.

Considering all of that, Friday's announcement that he's a game-time decision seems pretty positive. Even if the 6'9 forward isn't ready to play against Milwaukee, he'll presumably be ready to take the court pretty soon -- and in the meantime, Washington's veteran duo of Trevor Ariza and Martell Webster can continue to thrive.

With the Wizards at 9-9 this season, Porter's addition could be the boost that nudges Washington into the second class of teams in the East. He'll need to get healthy, though, and that starts with actually taking the court and getting some reps.

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