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Omer Asik rumors: Sixers a 'viable' destination, according to report

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The Philadelphia 76ers provide optimal conditions as a trade partner with the Rockets and a landing spot for Omer Asik.

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The Philadelphia 76ers are a "viable destination" for Omer Asik and an accessible trade partner for the Houston Rocketsaccording to ESPN's Marc Stein. There are, Stein reports, three reasons why.

(A) Philly's front office is run by a certified Asik fan, former Rockets exec Sam Hinkie; (B) Philly has a frontcourt player to send back to Houston, in Thaddeus Young) whose skill set can click with Dwight Howard's, albeit not as well as seemingly unattainable dream target Ryan Anderson; and (C) there really isn't an Asik for Philly to draft with the high pick it's likely to snag in the 2014 lottery.

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Young, 25, is averaging 15.8 points and 6.8 rebounds in his seventh season with the Sixers. He is known as a versatile defensive player with the ability to guard multiple positions. Anderson is obviously the prototypical stretch-four but Young isn't too shabby from the arc, either. He's shooting a career-high (37.8) this season from three on just over two attempts per game.

Stein also reports Houston wishes to ship Asik to the Eastern Conference, so Dwight Howard doesn't have to frequently play the Turkish big man. Stein writes that "Atlanta and Milwaukee are thus two more teams to monitor" with the Rockets drawn to Paul Millsap's friendly contract and the Bucks entering the trade market after a sluggish start.

It's no secret that the Rockets are shopping Asik. At this point, it's about finding the right trade partner.

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