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Doc Rivers rips into Clippers for 'pouting'

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The Los Angeles Clippers took some heat from coach Doc Rivers for not playing with maturity.

Kevin C. Cox

Following the a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday, Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers told his team it needed to mature. According to ESPN Los Angeles, Rivers didn't like how his team responded to bad calls and the physical Cavs.

"We did a lot of pouting in the game," Rivers said Saturday. "You can't play that way. You have to keep playing.


"When we become a good team, if we become a good team, it will be because we miss 30 shots in a row and you wouldn't know it," he added. "We just keep playing."

The most obvious example of the Clippers losing their cool in the 88-82 loss came in a brush-up between Los Angeles forward Blake Griffin and Cleveland's Anderson Varejao. Griffin took a hard screen from Varejao off the ball and then used a light shove to send Varejao falling backward to the court. The apparent flop incited Griffin to exchange words with the Cavs forward as he laid on the ground.

Referees had to break up the scuffle.


Griffin said afterward he didn't think Los Angeles was pouting, but he did say the reaction resulted from frustration. The Clippers are 13-8 on the season, but are 1-3 in their last four games. In the midst of a seven-game road trip, Los Angeles could find some confidence for its players against Philadelphia, Boston and Brooklyn in the coming days.

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