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Celtics trade rumors: Danny Ainge says he hasn't discussed Paul Pierce move

Danny Ainge told WEEI in Boston that he has not discussed any deals involving Paul Pierce, but also said he's open to any moves.

Lisa Blumenfeld

After Rajon Rondo tore his ACL, the natural reaction for some was that the Boston Celtics had to blow things up. That this was the end of the line for the Celtics' core, and that Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett or both should be dealt and that a rebuild should begin.

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Even before Rondo got hurt and going back to last year, Pierce was the subject of a bunch of trade rumors. But that's not what Celtics president Danny Ainge will tell you. Ainge was on WEEI Thursday for his weekly radio appearance on Thursday and said there has been little to no trade discussion regarding Pierce:

"Nothing has been talked about with Paul," said Ainge. "Nothing is close to being done. I too would like to see Paul retire as a Celtic. That would be great. We're all attached to Paul. He's been great for the city, the franchise, and he's been a true pro."

However, that does not mean a Pierce trade is completely out of the question. Ainge said that while there's no pressure to make a deal, he's "open and listening." He also said that if a Pierce trade offer came up, he would certainly talk to the veteran about it and that he must do whatever is in the Celtics' best interests.

Boston has played well so far in Rondo's absence, beating the Miami Heat and trouncing the Sacramento Kings. So it's easy to say right now that the Celtics should stand pat. But if things start going south, those rumors are likely to heat up again and Ainge will feel pressure to make a move.