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Adidas is releasing all your favorite bad 90s jerseys (except one)

Remember the old Milwaukee Bucks jerseys? You will soon!


Look the internet has plenty of 90s nostalgia out there, but it really cannot be overstated how ridiculous pro sports jerseys were in the mid-90s. There's never a bad time to remember them and celebrate the trends in all their glory.

So with that in mind, here are the jerseys that Adidas is rolling out this year.


It's hard to choose a favorite from that tacky collection. The old Hawks jerseys are great, obviously, but then you have the Bucks... The Heat jersey is actually cooler than the one they have now, and ditto for the Pacers. But as you think all this through and choose a favorite, don't underestimate the magically atrocious Kings jerseys tucked away on the upper left there right there. I think maybe we all need a Mitch Richmond two-face checkerboard jersey.

In any case, it's all part of the Hardwood Classics series that Adidas is rolling out over the next few months. It began with Lakers-Suns on Wednesday, and continues with Heat-Pacers on ESPN tonight. You can see the full schedule over at Sole Collector.

The question is, when are we bringing back the Cavs uniforms???

Harry How /Allsport

Nothing will ever be better than those Cavs uniforms.