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Adidas and the Warriors ask: Can the world handle jerseys with SLEEVES?

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The Golden State Warriors are introducing new jerseys from Adidas--jerseys with SLEEVES. And the Warriors aren't the only ones getting radical.

via Mercury News/Warriors

We have spent years asking--and by "we" I mean mostly Darren Rovell--whether the NBA would ever add sleeves to jerseys to make them more attractive for casual NBA fans.

Well, finally, in an Adidas-sponsored 2013 universe, we have an answer.

As the Mercury News reports, the Warriors will be the first team in the modern NBA to wear a jersey with sleeves, and they'll debut the look on national TV later this month. Here's a look at Harrison Barnes pretending to dunk in the new jerseys. It's really happening.

And if you think this trend ends with the radicals in the Bay Area, THINK AGAIN.

The kids are already doing it...

And we know what you're thinking:


But let's not get too hysterical just because we all hate change. As the initial report adds: "The new jersey is much less a T-shirt than the next phase in the evolution of basketball apparel. It's being called the 'adizero NBA short sleeve uniform system.'"

Maybe it'll be cool and we'll all want one!


Or yeah, maybe not.

It's hard to believe fans will be lining up to purchase an "adizero NBA short sleeve uniform system", because the only thing that looks dumber than a grown adult wearing an NBA tank top would be a grown adult wearing a spandex t-shirt that got lost on its way to Dwight Howard's house.

As for how it looks in the NBA and NCAA, we probably need to see this look on more teams before we know how to feel. We'll wait before we hate.

In the meantime, give adidas credit: These jerseys may turn out to be a horrible idea, but they definitely picked the right team to debut the new look. Even as jerseys from the future, those Warrior throwbacks are just plain impossible to hate. What do you think?