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Kevin Garnett says 2013 All-Star Game will be his last for mysterious unknown reasons

KG has said this year's All-Star Game will be his last one. Why? Only he knows, but we can try figure it out ourselves.

Jared Wickerham

After today's narrow two-point Boston victory over the Bulls, 15-time All-Star Kevin Garnett said this year's All-Star weekend would be his last. But he wouldn't say why.

KG: "All Star Game for me at least is a chance to interact with everybody. For it being my last, I got some family coming down. You know me, I'm all about the rest. I'm all about the family. That's what I plan on doing."

Reporter: Will this be your last All-Star Game?"

KG: "This is definitely my last All-Star Game."

Reporter: "Why do you say that it will be your last All-Star Game?

KG:"Why not?"

Reporter: "Because you have two years left on your contract."

KG: "Ya'll don't know what I know."

Via Celticshub

He also added:

"The All-Star experience for me, is more for friends and family who have never been," he said. "You always have that wild-ass uncle who shows up, or you've got that friend that you always have to pull to the side and have that little conversation with. It's no different for me. It's a fun time, though."

Via ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg

Oh, that Kevin Garnett. He's a riddle wrapped in a puzzle inside an enigmatic bark. But what could it possibly be?

  • He's flying to outer space to explore and name the moon. Have you ever thought how weird it is that other planets' moons have names but ours doesn't? Well, Kevin Garnett is sick and tired of this not being resolved. It can be put off no longer.
  • He's kicking Doc out as coach and taking over as head coach.
  • There will be no more All-Star Games, only No-Star Games. Finally Charlotte Bobcats fans have something to celebrate.
  • He's going back to play college basketball.
  • NBA-centric sitcoms don't write themselves, you know!
  • He's joining the Death Grips.
  • Playing PF/C bores him. Now he just wants to play only point guard.

Or he's just retiring. But that seems so boring, especially for KG.