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Nets reportedly interested in J.J. Hickson

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The Nets are already working with a glut of power forwards but are apparently still interested in adding J.J. Hickson into the mix.

Ronald Martinez

The Nets have reportedly added Trail Blazers big man J.J. Hickson to their list of desired power forwards with expiring contracts, according to the New York Daily News' Stefan Bondy.

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A deal for Hickson could be a difficult maneuver to accomplish for Brooklyn's brass, as the 24-year-old would have to sacrifice his Bird Rights. With Hickson's ability to veto any trade to protect those rights, a trade for Josh Smith or Paul Millsap seems far more conceivable for the Nets.

As for trade bait, it would probably come down to whether the Blazers have any interest in MarShon Brooks and/or Kris Humphries. Other than that, the Nets don't have much to offer.

Hickson is currently averaging 12.7 points and 10.3 rebounds a game while shooting a career-high 56.6 percent from the field. He's started all but one game for Portland, seeing action at both power forward and center.