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NBA Shooting Stars Competition 2013: Chris Bosh, East win first event of Saturday

It wasn't pretty, but Chris Bosh, Dominique Wilkins and Swin Cash took hom the Shooting Stars title.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Bosh, Swin Cash and Dominique Wilklins — despite the latter sporting the ugliest jump shots the world has seen, well, since he retired in 1999 — won the Shooting Stars Competition, the first event of NBA All-Star Saturday Night, putting some points in the column for Dwyane Wade's Eastern Conference team.

Team Bosh beat the threesome of Brook Lopez, Muggsy Bogues and Tamika Catchings in the first round, while the team of Russell Westbrook, Robert Horry and Maya Moore beat the team of James Harden, Tina Thompson and Sam Cassell in the first round. Team Westbrook and Team Harden's first-round scores were the two fastest in the competition.

The finals were a contest of failure, with Team Bosh finishing in 1:29 — by far the slowest time to that point — but Team Westbrook somehow missing half-court shots for more than a full minute and choking away a victory.

The best moment of the event was probably Russell Westbrook wildly gesticulating while missing half-court shots, and also Robert Horry coming about two feet from the rim on his CLOSEST half-court shot attempt. Solid comedic showing from Team Westbrook in this one.