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NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2013: Terrence Ross outlasts Jeremy Evans for slam dunk title

Terrence Ross honored Vince Carter and jumped over a ball boy on his way to winning his first Sprite Slam Dunk contest.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto Raptors rookie Terrence Ross is the new king of the dunking mountain after he took down reigning champion Jeremy Evans for 2013 Sprite Slam Dunk Championship.

The favored Eastern Conference went first in the team round, with Gerald Green's reverse off the side of the backboard and Terrence Ross' 360 behind-the-back dunks each getting scores of 50, while James White's two-handed tomahawk dunk from just inside the free throw line registered a 45.


The first dunks didn't go as well for the Western Conference, as Kenneth Faried and Eric Bledsoe both struggled in their first attempts, each picking up 39 while reigning champion Jeremy Evans recorded a 47 after he took a hand-off while jumping over former Jazz center Mark Eaton, who was seated near the rim.


The Eastern team struggled on their second go around, as White and Green both went 90 seconds without making a dunk. White got the low score of 30, while Green was given a 32. Ross advanced to the championship round after receiving a 49 for bouncing the ball off the floor and throwing it down with one hand.

Faried and Bledsoe both picked up 50s on the second attempts. Faried threw the ball off the backboard, put the ball between his legs and dunked it. Bledsoe picked up his perfect score after a throwing down a reverse, two-handed windmill. Evans rounded out the round by dunking two balls at once, getting him a 43, which put him in the title round by one point over both Faried and Bledsoe.


Evans kicked off the championship round by doing a windmill dunk over a painting of him dunking over a painting. Ross donned a Vince Carter Raptors jersey then took a pass off the side of the backboard and did a 360 windmill. For his second dunk, Evans took a pass from a seated Dahntay Jones, hung in the air and threw it down with one hand. Ross set-up a ball boy just outside the paint, jumped over him and threw the ball down after going between his legs.


All-Star Saturday night announced Ross the winner of the contest after fans sent in their choice for the final round, picking up 58 percent of the votes.