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NBA trade rumors and news: Thunder try to deal Eric Maynor, Hawks determined to deal Josh Smith

The Oklahoma City Thunder are trying to trade Eric Maynor now that he's slipped out of their rotation, while the Hawks are desperate to deal Josh Smith and Jason Terry and Rip Hamilton could be dealt for cap space if the price is right.


The Oklahoma City Thunder are reportedly aggressively shopping backup point guard Eric Maynor in advance of Thursday's trade deadline, per Chris Broussard of ESPN and Ken Berger of CBS.

It's not a surprise the Thunder are trying to get value for Maynor: he showed his worth as a backup point his first two years in the league, playing in all but one regular season game between the Utah Jazz and Thunder, with career averages of over four points and just under three assists in limited minutes. But now, the former No. 20 overall pick is out of the rotation, behind the obvious starter in Russell Westbrook and backup point guard Reggie Jackson, a first-rounder last year.

So who will move for Maynor? Berger mentioned the other team he's played for in his NBA career, the Jazz, who are on the lookout for a backup point guard with Mo Williams still hurt and Jamaal Tinsley's primary backup Earl Watson. Maynor would certainly be an improvement over Watson - and perhaps even Tinsley - but the Jazz might not have the pieces to land Maynor, for whom Broussard reports the asking price is high. Besides, Berger reports the Jazz' front office is still torn up about whether to deal either Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap.


  • It's no surprise - seriously, read our coverage on it thus far - but the Hawks are absolutely determined to deal Josh Smith before the trade deadline, per Marc Stein of ESPN. It makes sense - he's a majorly talented player, and if the Hawks don't intend to sign him when he becomes a free agent this summer, they'll lose him for nothing. The leaders seem to be the Nets and Bucks, but the Wizards, Suns, and maybe the Celtics are in the mix.
  • The Orlando Magic and New York Knicks were reportedly in talks for a deal that would send J.J. Redick for Iman Shumpert - a move that would make sense for the win-now Knicks and the rebuilding Magic.
  • Berger also reports that two hypothetical contenders dealing with injuries to star point guards could each make moves to save them from hitting the luxury tax in years they likely won't contend: for the Boston Celtics, GM's think they'd consider moving Jason Terry, for the Chicago Bulls, they're reportedly open to dealing Rip Hamilton. Neither appears to be actively pursuing deals.