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Dwight Howard trade rumors: Hawks after Lakers star, L.A. not biting yet

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There's a growing assumption that the Los Angeles Lakers might be willing to trade center Dwight Howard, but team management has yet to budge on any discussion.

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The Atlanta Hawks want to make some moves before Thursday's trade deadline, and there's a widespread belief among other NBA teams that general manager Danny Ferry will make a run at Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard, according to CBS Sports' Ken Berger.

That doesn't mean the Lakers have any thoughts of moving their struggling All-Star center. General manager Mitch Kupchak shot down a rumor of Howard being dealt to the Boston Celtics for guard Rajon Rondo this week. But in general, Kupchak's comment didn't help people around the league believe that the center is untouchable.

Howard is from the Atlanta area, and there is a growing feeling around the league that the Lakers could be convinced to trade him and get something in return in case he bolts Los Angeles via free agency this summer.

Though such rumors deserve much skepticism considering Howard's talent, there is a belief that dissatisfaction coming from Kobe Bryant, among others, is an issue that could lead to a trade.

According to Fox Sports Ohio's Sam Amico, some believe that Bryant doesn't care if the Lakers retain Howard. Bryant reportedly told the New York Post during All-Star weekend that "it doesn't matter" if Howard is traded before the deadline. The Post also reported that the locker room tension between the two during the All-Star game was "icy."