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Ricky Rubio's playing-time limit lifted

Rick Adelman can play Ricky Rubio as much as he wants, as the point guard is no longer limited in terms of playing time after undergoing ACL surgery last year.


Coach Rick Adelman confirmed in advance of the team's Friday night loss to the Los Angeles Lakers that Ricky Rubio no longer has a minutes restriction.

Rubio has been recovering from an ACL injury last March that cut his rookie season short. He returned to the court in mid-December, and slowly worked his way back into the starting rotation, although issues with back spasms forced him to sit out a few games here and there. When asked about the point guard's recovery, Adelman said that he was no longer concerned about protecting the 22-year-old's knee when it came to playing time (via the Minnesota Star Tribune):

"They say he can play 32 and that's about what he's going to play anyway," Adelman said, "so I don't really think about it."

Rubio's season high in minutes is 31, so it seems Adelman's estimate of 32 is right on point.

Although it's nice to have Rubio back in the lineup - he's played well, averaging 5.3 points and 5.3 assists against only 2.6 turnovers in limited minutes - the Timberwolves are still going to struggle for a while. They're without Kevin Love, Chase Budinger and Brandon Roy, and have only recently gotten Alexey Shved back. They have lost six straight and 11 of 12.