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Josh Smith trade rumors: Nets prepare their offer

The Brooklyn Nets are preparing an offer to send to the Atlanta Hawks in an attempt to land Josh Smith. Meanwhile, the Celtics are also potentially in the running if they trade Kevin Garnett.

Kevin C. Cox

The Josh Smith sweepstakes continues as the Brooklyn Nets have sent the Atlanta Hawks an offer of Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, and either a future first-round draft pick or the rights to Bojan Bogdanovic, via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

The Nets are trying to make a deal for Smith, too, and have offered Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, and either a future first-round pick or the draft rights to Croatian Bojan Bogdanovic, sources said

Brooklyn would be reuniting Smith and Joe Johnson, and would clear $12 million worth of cap space by sending Humphries to Atlanta. By trading for Smith the Nets would acquire Smith's Bird rights and have the ability to offer him the maximum amount of money when he becomes a free agent in the Summer.

The Boston Celtics remain in the conversation, though, and could make an attempt to land Smith as well. Despite word that "talks have cooled" between the Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers in regards to Kevin Garnett trade, if they do trade Garnett, it could set off a chain-reaction leading to an attempt to package Paul Pierce in a deal to land Smith, via Wojnraowski:

If the Celtics trade Garnett before the deadline, they would move Pierce, too, sources said. For the Celtics, the chance to get Bledsoe and Jordan could be a prelude to trying to package Pierce in a possible deal to the Atlanta Hawks for Josh Smith, sources said.

The Hawks also have discussed sending Pierce onto a third team in some previous conversations around the league.

The Hawks continue to search for the right deal, but with the trade deadline approaching, they are running out of time. The options, however, seem to multiply by the hour.

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