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NBA trade rumors: Wizards no longer interested in Josh Smith, according to report

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Previously considered one of the forward's most obvious suitors, the Wizards have backed off from their interest in acquiring Hawks star Josh Smith.

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Reported as one of his most aggressive suitors in recent days, the Washington Wizards' interest in acquiring Atlanta Hawks star Josh Smith, "has disappeared," according to Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today. Previous reports described Washington as being highly interested in the forward, as Bullets Forever writes.

Hoping to emerge as a contender next season, the Wizards presumably viewed Smith as a possible long-term addition despite his status as an impending unrestricted free agent. It's unclear whether their interest in him has simply waned, or if it was over-reported in the first place, but the possibility seems to have died regardless.

One of the biggest names to be discussed as a trade candidate in recent days, Smith seems like a lock to leave Atlanta by the summer, either through a trade this week or free agency in the offseason. That has the Hawks aggressively pursuing ways to get value for the forward before he departs, though it's unclear how much progress is being made.