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Lakers trade rumors: Steve Blake, Darius Morris and more available for the low price of nothing

The Lakers apparently are hoping to free up roster spots without eating salary. Good luck.


Behold! The Los Angeles Lakers want to get involved in this here little NBA trade deadline we've got going on. Dwight Howard still isn't getting traded. Pau Gasol is quite injured and as such is highly unlikely to be traded. So that just leaves ...


The great Woj is being kind here. In the NBA, you can't trade something for nothing. You can trade something for what is in reality nothing but is technically something. So a trade for nothing is basically a trade for a second-round pick or the rights to a foreign player who will never make the NBA. So when we hear that the Lakers want to deal some spare parts for second-round picks, it means that the Lakers want to get out from under contracts and lessen their luxury tax bill.

Steve Blake is due $4 million in 2013-14; a trade even for nothing seems unlikely. Darius Morris and Devin Ebanks are on one-year deals, and as such could veto any trade proposed as they would lose their Bird rights if moved. Per ShamSports, Chris Duhon is due $1.5 million next season if waived by the end of June, or $3.75 million if not waived.

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