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76ers GM says Andrew Bynum is still 'Plan A'

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The Sixers are going to fight hard to re-sign Andrew Bynum this offseason but that doesn't mean GM Tony DiLeo is without a backup plan.

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The city of Philadelphia may not be dishing out the brotherly love towards Andrew Bynum's work (or lack thereof) but 76ers GM Tony DiLeo still considers re-signing the center to be "Plan A" this offseason, according to the Philadelphia Daily News' Bob Cooney.

Of course, DiLeo did add that he does have a backup plan just in case.

While he didn't enlighten the media what that Plan B may entail, DiLeo did share that the current contract flexibility of the Sixers' roster gives him some options to play with. Philadelphia only has eight players under contract in the 2013-14 season for a grand total of $44.4 million owed, giving them a lot of leeway in terms of potential free agent additions.

A considerable chunk of that cap space was expected to go towards Bynum's new contract, but he has proved to be a risky investment. The 25-year-old big man has yet to make it on the court this season as he rehabs multiple injuries in both of his knees. There's still no definite sign that he'll return for the Sixers' final 30 games.

It would be in Bynum's best interest to play this season if he wants to regain some value before hitting the open market, and that's probably why he told reporters earlier this week that he's 100 percent sure he'll play in 2012-13. But it's hard to hold Bynum to his word since it seems as if he's been saying he's a week or two away since the beginning of time.

Even if Bynum isn't able to play this season, there's still always a chance that DiLeo resigns him at a bargain price in an effort to show that the original trade wasn't entirely worthless. And if DiLeo is a big enough man to admit his mistake and let Bynum walk, then that Plan B he has up his sleeve better enticing to a Sixers fan base that was expecting to compete for an Eastern Conference title this season.

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